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Gubałówka is a mountain most certainly known to every Pole. It is not high, as it reaches only 1100 meters of height and it is just over 300 meters above the streets of Zakopane. However, it is an excellent observation point not only for the Tatras, but also many other Polish and Slovak mountain ranges.

A walk along the ridge of Gubałówka provides an unforgettable experience!

  • The ride on the funicular from 1938 to the top of Gubałówka.
  • Panorama of the Tatras - probably the best view of the Tatra peaks from the north.
  • A walk along the ridge of Gubałówka overlooking the Beskids - Polish wooded mountains in the north
  • There are many routes which lead to Gubałówka. From Zakopane you can get to the top in two ways. The easiest way is, of course, to go up the mountain by the funicular. It leaves every few minutes, from the bottom station located just at the low end of Krupówki. You can also get there by foot, along the black trail which begins next to the station. The route takes about an hour and the climb is quite steep. An interesting option is also the walk from Butorowy Wierch - you can get there easily by the chairlift. Just bear in mind that our audioguide leads you in the opposite direction, that is, from Gubałówka to Butorowy Wierch.

    Surely, the most important reason to visit Gubałówka is the beautiful panorama of the Tatras. And therefore, it is worth to visit during good weather. Please remember also that Gubalowka is a place which gets very crowded, especially during the season. Therefore, we recommend trips early in the morning... of course, very early trips mean you have to walk up the hill... the funicular is usually open from 8 am in the summer and 9 am in the autumn, winter and spring.

    1. Introduction - about Gubałówka
    2. Gubałówka Funicular - The second most popular railway of Zakopane, next to the cable car at Kasprowy Wierch
    3. Description of the Tatra panorama from the top of Gubałówka
    4. Sculpture "Polonia Restituta"
    5. A cross founded by Tytus Chałubiński... with a love story in the background
    6. Walk to Butorowy Wierch

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