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Gubałówka is a mountain most certainly known to every Pole. It is not high, as it reaches only 1100 meters of height and it is just over 300 meters above the streets of Zakopane. However, it is an excellent observation point not only for the Tatras, but also many other Polish and Slovak mountain ranges.

A walk along the ridge of Gubałówka provides an unforgettable experience!

  1. Introduction - about Gubałówka

  2. Gubałówka Funicular - The second most popular railway of Zakopane, next to the cable car at Kasprowy Wierch

  3. Description of the Tatra panorama from the top of Gubałówka

  4. Sculpture "Polonia Restituta"

  5. A cross founded by Tytus Chałubiński... with a love story in the background

  6. Walk to Butorowy Wierch

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