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Not far from Kętrzyn, in the northern part of Masuria, in a dense, marshy, deciduous forest, there are ruins of Adolf Hitler’s war headquarters called the Wolf’s Lair (Wolfsschanze in German or Wilczy Szaniec in Polish). This is one of the three military headquarters used by Hitler during the Second World War.

Apart from shelters and barracks, the Wolf’s Lair’s 200 buildings contained various military institutions, communication centres, railway power station, power station and heating plants. The installations were serviced by a nearby airfield. In fact, the complex was like a small town on its own, only very well masked and strongly protected against air and land attacks.

Today it is one of the most fascinating and mysterious WWII sites in Poland. Thousands of tourists from all around the world come here to discover the secrets of the Nazi dignitaries. Our audioguide will help you explore the ruins at your own pace, anytime. Download the Android or iPhone version.

Having trouble in finding your way to the Wolf’s Lair? Read our blog post here.

  1. The history of the Wolf's Lair

  2. State Protection Service - Casino

  3. Conference Meetings Barrack - the attack on Hitler's life in 1944

  4. Guest shelter

  5. The stenotypists and stenographers barrack

  6. Storage shelter

  7. Martin Bormann's shelter

  8. Adolf Hitler's bunker

  9. Hermann Goering’s shelter

  10. House of Hermann Göring

  11. Jodl’s barrack

  12. Communications shelter

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