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About me

I am a frequent traveller with a passion for travelling and exploring the world. Through meeting new people, seeing the wonders of nature, and discovering new cultures, I think that travel makes us open to the world.

Our idea

There are so many websites, books, guides, maps, and audio guides available about the places I travel to. Yet, in most cases, you can’t carry them all with you when you most need them, or they are not available in your language. Too often, they are just ads aimed at luring you to a tourist trap, or they are not available at all.

That’s why we built audiotourista.com. We think that tourists never have enough time to see it all. There is so much to see, but so little time. Our audio guides focus on important facts and places only. We will show you the highlights and tell you all the important facts and stories about them. We will try to explain why it is worth seeing it, in simple language. We keep our guides concise – we would like you to remember it all, and not drown in an ocean of information that you forget immediately after leaving the place.

The kids

I travel with my family because family is what matters most. I have kids and I feel it is very important to share our best moments with them.

Kids deserve to have fun and so do we! With our audio guides, you can explore all of the most beautiful places together.

How our audio guides work

Basic versions of our guides are available for free. Download the app and start exploring. If you would like to fully enjoy one of our audio guides, we charge a small fee for lifetime access with no subscription. We will guide you through the best places, again and again, at no extra cost.  If you feel it’s worth it – we even offer you a huge discount if you buy them all.

Our apps work offline. Maps and the audio content are always stored on your device, so no need to waste the money on data roaming charges or worry about the internet connection. You only need an internet connection to download the audio guides after you purchase them.