Mobile (audio)guides

Mobile (audio)guides

About me

I love travelling. I like exploring the world, especially on my own. Discovering new places, watching the wonders of nature, meeting new people, new cultures. I think it makes people more open to the world, better – and smarter.

About our guides

You can find a lot of information about any place on earth on the web. Books, guidebooks, maps, audio guides. But once you are there, they are probably not with you. Or they are not available in your language. Or they are simply just an advertisement trying to lure you into a sort of “tourist trap”. Or they simply don’t exist…

This is why we created There is always too little time to explore the world. So these guides focus on the most important facts and places, show the most important attractions and tell the most important stories. We try to avoid difficult language; after all, tourists are not usually art historians, geologists or botanists. My guides are not long, I want you to remember as much as possible… and enjoy your stay!

How it works

The basic, text versions of our guides are available for free. All you need to do is download the app. Each of the audio guides, on the other hand, is available for a small fee. This is not a subscription, you get unlimited access to the guide once downloaded. And if you want, you save big and buy them all at once.
Our apps work offline, we keep the maps and guides on your phone. This way you avoid high roaming charges, you do not need coverage either. An internet connection is only needed to activate and download the guides.

And so… let the touring begin! You can find all our guides on stronie “Dla Ciebie”

Audiotourista for business

You can have your own mobile guide too! Using our platform, you can build it yourself, without much effort! Have a look at na stronę dla klientów instytucjonalnych!