Mobile Guide To Albania

“We invite you to the Balkans, specifically to Albania. Until recently, this small country was one of the biggest mysteries in our part of the world. Closed to tourists and ruled by an authoritarian dictator, it was located in a relatively inaccessible part of our continent. Today, it is a rapidly developing, beautiful country and one of Europe’s favourite tourist destinations.

Our mobile guide primarily focuses on the southern part of Albania and the area around the capital, Tirana. It will be appreciated by those who come here to enjoy a holiday at one of the Albanian Riviera’s resorts, but also by ‘day visitors’ from the Greek island of Corfu, which is just a short sail away from Saranda, a significant port town in the south of the country.”

Highlights of Our Mobile Guide

  • Explore Albania: Our mobile guide features dozens of the most interesting places in Albania, available in English on Google Play and the Apple Store.
  • Audio Guide to Ancient Butrint: Experience the history of Butrint through an English audio guide. This ancient city, once home to the Greeks, Romans, and Byzantines, is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The guide includes ten stops, nearly twenty-five minutes of audio content, and an offline map for easy navigation.
  • Discover the Albanian Riviera: Our guide will take you to the Riviera’s finest beaches, offering in-depth insights into over a dozen of the best coastal spots.
  • Delve into Albanian Culture: Immerse yourself in the diverse world of Albanian cuisine, discover the richness of local wines, and unravel the intriguing history of Albania’s bunkers with our complementary texts.

Preview of our Audio Guide: Listen to a detailed description of the Venetian Tower in our latest audio guide update.

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