Kaunas: A Unique City in Lithuania

Kaunas is an exciting city in Lithuania, nearly as old as its capital Vilnius. It is also an economic powerhouse of the country, located on Via Baltica, the main North-South route in Europe. During the interwar period, it was the informal capital of Lithuania, the seat of government and the residence of the president. And in 2022, Kaunas gained the prestigious honor of being named the European City of Culture!

Join us on our mobile tour of this amazing city! We’ll explore the Old and New Town, get a glimpse of the Aksotas district across the river, and see the 19th-century fortifications that surround the downtown. And we’ll wrap up our visit with a trip to the monastery of Pažaislio, and the open-air museum in Rumšiškės! It’s going to be so exciting!

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