The Giant Mountains are the highest mountain range in the Sudetes, with the tallest peak being Sněžka, standing at 1,602 metres. It’s peak serves as a border between Poland an Czech Republic while being the highest point in the second country. From the summit, you can enjoy one of the most stunning panoramas of the mountains in both Poland and the Czech Republic.

The Giant Mountains – Museum of the Ice Sheet

During the Ice Age, the Scandinavian ice sheet reached the Jeleniogórska Basin and local mountain glaciers formed in the Giant Mountains. It left behind a number of valleys and glacial cirques. Labský důl, Obří důl, Śnieżne Kotły and Sněžné jamy are some examples worth seeing. Other traces of the Ice Age are niches, glacial deposits and structural soils.

MC: During the Ice Age, the Scandinavian ice sheet extended to the Jeleniogórska Basin, and local mountain glaciers formed in the Giant Mountains. These glaciers left behind numerous valleys and glacial cirques. Notable examples include Labský důl, Obří důl, Śnieżne Kotły, and Sněžné jamy. Other remnants of the Ice Age, such as niches, glacial deposits, and structural soils, are also visible in the region.

Today, the climate of the Giant Mountains is harsh, with a low average annual temperature in Śnieżka (0.5 ºC). It’s peek is also known for high precipitation and snow cover for more than 180 days a year. Frequent occurrences include thermal inversions and warm foehn winds, which blow an average of 130 days a year and are felt even in Wroclaw, some 130 km away.

The Karkonosze National Park was established in 1959 to protect the natural values, sparse primeval forests and fauna. The Krkonošský Národní Park on the Czech side was established in 1963 as the country’s first national park. Both parks were included in UNESCO’s list of 300 World Biosphere Reserves in 1992.

Awesome Giant Mountains

In our mobile guide you will find information on all the main routes and attractions on both the Polish and Czech sides of the border. In addition to the traditional descriptions, we have included four helpful sections to make navigating in the mountains easier.

When to go – opening times, but also the best time of year to visit (don’t go to Sněžka in winter!).
How to get there – tips on the best, shortest and most beautiful ways to get there. Drawn on a (tourist) map, ready to use!
Tips for trips – a treat for those looking for inspiration. Ideas for day or half-day trips in the mountains.
Trivia – funny or interesting facts about a place.

But most of all… audio guides.

Giant Mountains audio guides

We offer you two unique audio guides to the most important places in the Giant Mountains. In addition to fascinating content, each of them includes an embedded map with all the places! So you will have no trouble navigating. You can even use them when there is no signal!

Wang Church – a unique tour of the interior of the most famous wooden church in Poland, built in ….. Norway
On top of Śnieżka – a walk around the entire summit of the highest mountain in the Karkonosze, telling the story of the buildings (including the futuristic ones).

On top of Snezka: Explore the entire summit of Śnieżka, the highest mountain in the Karkonosze. This walking tour tells you the intriguing story of its buildings, including those with futuristic designs.

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