Wolf’s Lair and Mauerwald

Before the Second World War, the area of today’s North Masuria was part of the territory of the Third Reich. It was also the easternmost part of Germany. Not surprisingly, during the war against the USSR, the military command considered it the best location for its war quarters. Wolf’s Lair served as the wartime headquarters of the leaders of the Third Reich for more than three years. It was where Adolf Hitler lived and worked for three years, where he hosted leaders of the other Axis powers and where he almost lost his life in an assassination attempt by Colonel Stauffenberg.

Just a few kilometres to the north was the second fortified headquarters, OKH Mauerwald, or Land Forces Command at Mauerwald, today’s Mamerki.

Guide to Wolf’s Lair (and audioguides)

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  • Our guide to Zone One, the tightly secured core of Wolf’s Lair, offers an alternative to the official tour. It delves into the history of the site’s construction and takes you through its most significant areas. Additionally, we provide an insightful account of the July 1944 assassination attempt on Hitler’s life,
  • But there’s more in store for you! We invite you to explore the Second Zone, located just beyond the perimeter fence. Accompanied by a unique and original audio guide, you’ll uncover the hidden ruins of a railway station nestled in the forest, visit the largest single shelter in the entire Wolf’s Lair, and explore the barracks of the German Army command. And there’s even a cemetery to discover! As our route winds along forest roads, make sure to use our handy map to guide your journey.
  • And for those who are intrigued by the mysterious allure of bunkers, there’s more to explore. Just a short journey northeast, about a dozen kilometres away in the village of Mamerki, you’ll find the well-preserved remnants of the German army command headquarters… covered by our third audioguide!

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