Wrocław – a City of Gothic architecture, Islands on the Oder River, and… dwarves!

For many, Wrocław is Poland’s favourite and most interesting city. With a turbulent and sometimes tragic history, it also offers a fascinating present.

The history of the Czech state is intertwined with the early days of the Piast dynasty and the roots of German statehood.

Gothic buildings enchant visitors with their atmosphere, with the islands and branches of the Oder River giving the city a unique charm.

And, in every corner… the city dwarves are hiding!

Our mobile guide will take you to the most exciting places, give you fascinating historical stories and show you places to take stunning photos. We will guide you around Old Town Square, look at the historic Cathedral Island (Ostrów Tumski) and seek out hidden dwarves.

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  • As many as five unique audio guides to the most important monuments in the city. We will take you on a walk around the Old Town Square and the Town Hall. We will visit St. Elisabeth’s Church, located right next to the Old Town Square. From there, we will continue to Cathedral Island (Ostrów Tumski). Finally, we will take a tour of the Arch Cathedral!
  • Detailed travel descriptions of more than 50 attractions, a wealth of interesting facts, tips on the best photos, and more.
  • As always, you will find the most essential tourist information for each place!
  • … did we mention the dwarves? We will get to know more about them too!

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