Guide to Costa del Sol

In our first guide to Spain, we take you to the stunning Costa del Sol, or Coast of the Sun.

The name of this region truly deserves more credit.

The sun shines here for 300 days a year with winter temperatures rarely dropping below 15-17 degrees during the day. As a result, it is an absolute paradise for lovers of beaches, golf and delicious food.

Of course, those also looking for an encounter with history will not be disappointed either! Traces of ancient Phoenicians and Romans, medieval Arabs, and also more recently, Spanish Christians, can be found around every corner – their histories interwoven across the landscape and substance of the region.

For your benefit, in our mobile guide we have collected several dozen extraordinary places worth visiting. Allow us to escort you to the most fascinating monuments, beautiful natural wonders and amazing white coastal towns. We warmly invite you to share in all of the places we often visit and enjoy ourselves!

Costa del Sol Highlights- Ronda, Caminito del Rey, Malaga

Don’t miss your chance to grab our unique audio guides, we have four of them queued up for you!

  • Three Bridges in Ronda. A walk across the breathtaking bridges of this picturesque city. Ronda is home not only to the gorgeous New Bridge (Puente Nuevo), but also two smaller, iconic bridges – older but equally as intriguing.
  • Around the walls of Ronda. After visiting the bridges, you are invited to take a stroll around the city walls. Visit the remains of a vast, ancient Arab kingdom on the rocks!
  • Caminito del Rey – One of the ultimate walking routes in Spain, and perhaps in the world! Our guide includes exciting guidance along the route, as well as detailed maps. You can keep track of your adventure right across the breadth of the trail…
  • Alcazaba in Málaga – An immense fortress-palace resident to the Moorish governors of the city. Although less visual than the Alhambra in Granada – its depth of mystery and intrigue is unparalleled!

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Bonus: Guide to the beaches of Andalusia

For those who love to bask in the sun, we have a BONUS guide to… the best and most beautiful beaches on the coast! No longer waste time arriving at mediocre stretches of sand… We’ve included only the greatest beaches – with useful descriptions, information on how to get to them quickly, the facilities they have, and also their access to the beautiful sea! Enjoy every moment of your sunny holiday in exactly the way you want to!

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