Getting To Paxos

Paxos is a small island located in the Ionian Sea, just an hour’s cruise away from any of Corfu’s ports. Together with its smaller sister, Antipaxos, it is a popular day trip destination for tourists holidaying in Corfu. It can also be reached relatively easily from the other Ionian Islands, as well as from Igoumenitsa on the mainland.


Getting to Paxos is easy. This article will tell you how to do it and how to get around this beautiful island. Also, check out our other blog post about what to see on Paxos. Additionally, we have a mobile guide to show you around Corfu and Paxos.

Getting to Paxos: No Airport, Only Ferries

It’s essential to know that Paxos does not have an airport. The only way to reach the island is by ferry or boat. Ferry connections are available from two ports on Corfu, Lefkimmi and Kerkyra, as well as from Igoumenitsa on the mainland of Greece. Additionally, a ship route connects Kerkyra to Lefkada, Kefalonia, and Zakynthos three times a week, including a stop at Paxos.

The majority of ferry services operate from Lefkimmi, which, even during the low season, offers two sailings a day, with frequency increasing in the high season. Opting for Lefkimmi is particularly convenient as it is located at the southern end of Corfu, just an hour’s cruise from Paxos. However, if you’re staying towards the northern end of Corfu, expect a longer drive to the port, approximately two hours. On the upside, ample parking is available at the harbour, right on the quay. For up-to-date ferry schedules, be sure to visit Lefkimmi Ferries.

Port of Paxos

The main port of Paxos is located about 1 kilometre north of Gaios, the capital of the island. Known as the “New Port,” it is fairly unremarkable. This is where all ships connecting the island with the rest of Greece arrive. There is also a second port in Paxos, situated in Gaios itself. The pictures of this port are commonly found on postcards from the island (and in this article). The two harbours are about a kilometre apart.

At the New Port, there is usually a taxi waiting for arriving ships, and scooter and bicycle rental services are available. Some visitors choose to walk. While this walk may not be particularly romantic, the view of the old harbour and the centre of Gaios along the way is quite nice.

Getting Around Paxos: All Roads Lead to Gaios

…Or to Lakka, the second-largest village on Paxos. Unless you are already in Gaios, almost every intersection features a signpost directing you towards the island’s capital. Paxos boasts one main tarmac road that connects Gaios to Lakka, along with several minor tarmac roads leading to other villages such as Loggos. Additionally, a network of side dirt roads, sometimes paved, can take you to various seaside attractions.

The term “around” is crucial here: to reach the most interesting places, you often have to walk from the end of the nearest road. This could be a short walk of a few dozen meters or sometimes a trek of a kilometre or more. Thus, no matter what mode of transport you use on the island, expect to do some walking to access the most beautiful spots.

Bus Service on Paxos

Indeed, Paxos might be small, but it hosts a regular official bus service that connects the three main villages: Gaios, Logos, and Lakka, and occasionally the New Port. Bus stops are centrally located in each village and are easily identifiable. However, bus timetables can be challenging as they change seasonally and are not available online. In the low season, expect one or two services a day (departures at 10:30 and 13:30 from Gaios in 2023), with frequencies increasing to up to seven times a day in the high season. The bus offers a pleasant mode of transportation around the island but is best suited for those who plan to stay overnight.

Taxis on Paxos

Paxos also has several local taxis that circulate around the island. They are readily available, and their phone numbers are posted near the bus timetables at the stops and in the New Port, making them easy to contact when needed.

Car Rentals on Paxos

Several car rental companies operate on Paxos. However, renting a car might seem unnecessary due to the island’s small size and limited road network. Many roads leading to natural attractions are not suitable for small cars, either because they are too rugged or simply inaccessible. Additionally, parking can be problematic, especially during peak tourist seasons, which might deter some visitors from choosing this option.

Best Way of Getting Around Paxos: Quads and Electric Bikes

When considering transportation options, quads and electric bikes are popular choices for getting around on Paxos. Quads, despite their noisiness, are particularly effective for navigating the island’s rougher terrain, reaching even the most remote areas. They can be rented at the same locations as cars, and a driving license is required. Electric bikes, on the other hand, are suitable for the main roads and can be a convenient choice. However, they may not be ideal for exploring coastal attractions that involve steep inclines or roads with potholes, as the electric assist may struggle with such challenging conditions.

Yachts and Boats

For those who enjoy sea adventures, travelling by yacht or boat is an excellent option on Paxos. Many of the island’s most picturesque spots are accessible from the sea, offering a unique perspective and experience. The main disadvantage is that Gaios is the only port capable of mooring larger vessels, which can be quite noisy, as reported by sailors. For quieter options like Lakki or Logos, you’ll likely need to use one of the previously mentioned land-based transportation methods to reach these areas.

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