Getting to Toruń

Krakow, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Zakopane, Warsaw … are the top five places most visited by tourists in Poland. Most guests manage to visit two, maybe three of these places during their (mostly short) trip to Poland. Toruń is located almost in the centre of Poland, but a bit off the beaten path of the main tourist routes, no wonder it doesn’t get to the top five … What’s more, getting to Toruń is not difficult at all. This article will give you some tips on how to do it.

Directly from abroad

The nearest international airport is Bydgoszcz, located about 50 kilometres to the West. The airport is primarily a Ryanair base, apart from Ryanair there are a few daily connections by LOT to Warsaw and Lufthansa to Frankfurt.

Once you get to the airport, the fastest way to get to Toruń is by taxi. You can also take a direct bus. If you want to go by train, you can get to the main railway station in Bydgoszcz from the airport by bus line 80.

The alternative airports include Gdańsk or Warsaw. Bus/train travel times from both cities are comparable.

Railway stations in Toruń

There are two major railway stations in Toruń. Toruń Główny is the city’s central railway station. All trains stop there. It is however located across the river, some 2 km away from the Old Town. To get to the Old Town you may take a taxi (pay attention to the price lists, as of early 2020 a fair price would be around 2,20-2,50 PLN per kilometre!) or a bus, however, if you are travelling light, a walk is a nice alternative. It is only 2 kilometres and the panorama from the bridge is beautiful.

Toruń Miasto is the second Toruń station important for tourists. It lies just a few minutes walk from the New Town. Unfortunately, only some trains stop there – mainly those coming from Wrocław, Poznań or Olsztyn. Anyway – check the timetable to avoid surprises.

By train from other parts of Poland

Getting to Toruń is relatively easy, especially if you are in one of the large cities in Poland, Warsaw will be the easiest and fastest to get from. Trains run approximately every 2 hours, so if you take the first morning train and come back last evening – you have a full day of sightseeing ahead of you.

You can easily get to Toruń from Poznań. Interestingly, connections with Gdańsk are quite poor despite the relative proximity of both cities. There are only a few direct connections and not all are at convenient times of the day. You need to change trains in Bydgoszcz or Iława.

Surprisingly, it is pretty difficult to get to Toruń from Gdańsk, as the number of direct train connections is limited. And some of them are in bad times of the day.

If you are in Krakow or Wroclaw – forget about a day trip. No matter how hard you try, you have a 6 hours of driving ahead of you. Many tourists stop in Toruń on the way from Krakow or Wroclaw to Gdansk, I recommend this option.

By Car

Torun is easily reachable by car from either Warsaw or Gdańsk. The highway (A1) connecting Gdansk with Warsaw runs nearby, it is about 1.5 hours drive from Gdańsk and 2.5-3 from Warsaw. Also, the expressway linking Wrocław to Bydgoszcz is almost completed, so this gives you some options too.

Touring Toruń

It is a perfect place for a day trip. And we have an audio guide for you, to help you enjoy this amazing city!

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