Day trips from Zakopane

So you got bored with the beautiful scenery of Tatras and listened to all stories in our audioguide. Had enough of oscypek and crowds on Krupówki street. This post will help you discover the best places worth a day trip from Zakopane. Most of these day trips from Zakopane them are within a 1-2hr drive range.


Babia Góra Peak

Babia Góra, the highest peak in Poland outside the Tatras, lies within the Beskid Żywiecki range and is the heart of Babia Góra National Park. On clear days, its majestic presence can be admired from the Gubałówka ridge, offering a captivating sight for hikers. This trek typically spans a full day, encompassing a challenging ascent with nearly 1,000 meters of altitude difference. However, the effort is richly rewarded by the breathtaking vistas awaiting at the summit.

The yellow trail, which passes through the renowned Perć Akademików, is considered the most demanding route, featuring sections secured with chains—a unique feature among the Polish Beskidy Mountains. For those seeking a less strenuous option, the red trail provides a more accessible alternative.

Getting there: The most convenient option is to travel by car. Head to the village of Zawoja, which holds the distinction of being the longest village in Poland, spanning over 18 kilometres in total length. Once you arrive, you’ll find the starting point of the trail here, where you can park your vehicle in a nearby parking area.

Pieniny Mountains

A low limestone mountain range overlooking the Dunajec Gorge. Decent views of the Tatras from the top of Trzy Korony, the highest peak in the range. Be prepared for crowds there and wait patiently for your turn on the stairs leading to the viewing terrace. The photo you can see above was taken from the top of Trzy Korony in October 2019.

Getting there: By car, or by bus from Nowy Targ.

Scenic Trips

Dunajec Gorge. Considered by many one of the most scenic places in Poland. A 2-hour raft ride through a beautiful gorge at the foot of the Pieniny range. Worth a day, but be prepared for crowds in the high season. The castles in Niedzica and Czorsztyn will fill the rest of your day.

Getting there: By Car to Sromowce Niżne (starting point of the rafting tour), or by bus to Krościenko, and a shuttle from there to Sromowce Niżne.

This tour is covered in details in our guide to Zakopane and Tatras!

Other great places nearby

The Railway Museum in Chabówka is a highly popular destination for all train lovers in Poland, with its great collection of rolling stock from the last century. Have a look at the museum website to plan your visit.

Getting there: By train! Take a train to Chabówka station.

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