Welcome to the Cyclades, to Mykonos and Delos, two of the most visited islands in the archipelago.

Mykonos is primarily associated with its very characteristic windmills, a remnant of the island’s once-thriving agriculture. It is also home to Little Venice, charming houses built right on the shore that remind tourist romantics (and the town authorities) of perhaps Italy’s most famous city. Mykonos also has a second, more festive face: the beaches here are famous for their perfect golden sand and for parties that often last until dawn.

Right next door to Mykonos is its sister island of Delos. Now uninhabited, it remains in the shadow of its neighbour. In ancient times, however, Delos was one of the most important islands and cities of antiquity, a sacred city, the centre of Greek religious life. Today, its ruins remain, and it is a destination for lovers of antiquity.

“Mykonos and Delos” is the first real English mobile audio guide to Delos and a guide to the attractions of Mykonos! Enjoy the tour!

What’s in store for you?

  • First of all – an English audio guide to Delos, the holy city of the ancient Greeks. 20 stops, 40 minutes of audio content – everything you need to explore this place on your own.
  • A guide to the beaches of Mykonos, we’ve got you covered with in-depth details of more than 20 beaches worth visiting, the most famous, and the quiet ones.
  • Explore Delos and more: our guide also covers must-visit places like Little Venice, the windmills, Ano Mera, and more.

Listen to our audioguide sample:

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