A Day in Zakopane: 3 Unforgettable Itinerary Ideas from Kraków.

So you’ve decided to visit Zakopane in just one day, and now are trying to develop an itinerary. Look no further, in this post we’ll give you three itineraries to choose from.


Itinerary #1: Zakopane highlights in winter

Includes: Kasprowy Wierch, Gubałówka and Krupówki street.

Mode of transport: bus from Kraków, minibus or on foot in Zakopane

1. Use this link to buy cable car tickets to Kasprowy in advance. Make sure you book your cable car departure time no earlier than 9 a.m.

2. Depart Kraków around 6 a.m. by bus. Make sure your bus has a scheduled arrival time to Zakopane an hour before your departure to Kasprowy. The most popular carrier is Szwagropol, but many others are available- look at this blog post.

3. After arriving in Zakopane, take a minibus to Kuźnice immediately. Remember to be at the cable car departure gates ~20 minutes before your scheduled boarding time. You will have 2 hours to explore the top of Kasprowy. Remember to download our audioguide, which includes a detailed audio description of the sights.

4. After returning from Kasprowy, take a minibus back to the railway station. Then, walk to the bottom station of the Gubałówka cable car. While exploring Gubałówka, utilize our excellent audioguide.

5. Visit Pęksowy Brzyzek cemetery, renowned for its impressive highlanders-style gravestones.

6. Explore Krupówki Street. Plan to have either lunch or dinner here.

7. If it’s still daylight (and not winter, ha ha), consider exploring one of the lesser-known valleys, such as Strążyska.

8. Return to Kraków by bus.

Itinerary #2: All in one (summer) day: Morskie Oko and Kasprowy Wierch

Many people ask whether it is possible to visit both Morskie Oko and Kasprowy Wierch in a single day. We believe this itinerary is feasible only in summer and only for those who are physically fit. It involves a lengthy walk (over 18 km) to Morskie Oko, along with several shorter excursions, such as in Kuźnice.

Includes: Visits to Morskie Oko and Kasprowy Wierch.

Recommended mode of transport: rental car or a hire taxi.

0. Make sure it’s June, not January.

1. Book your tickets to Kasprowy in advance. Make sure you book late departure times (e.g. 5 p.m.)

2. Book a parking place at the trailhead in Palenica Białczańska (booking is mandatory, and there is no other option to park your vehicle in the area).

3. Depart from Kraków as early as possible (5 or 6 a.m.). Skip Zakopane, drive directly to Palenica Białczańska. Be there around 8 a.m., or better – 7 a.m. A sample itinerary is shown here – 118 kilometres, over 2:20 hrs.

4. Hike to Morskie Oko and back, covering an 18-kilometre round trip, which takes at least 4 hours of walking. Allow an extra hour to stroll around Morskie Oko, and another hour if you plan to have lunch there.

5. Drive from Palenica to Kuźnice , which takes about 30-40 minutes. Remember, no parking is available at the cable car’s bottom station. You must park on Karłowicza Street, where from there, it’s an additional 1.5 kilometres one way—a 20-minute walk—or you can take a bus to the bottom station

6. Enjoy your tour of Kasprowy… with our Audioguide! (2 hours)

7. Head to Krupówki Street for dinner and then drive back home.

Itinerary #3: Less-frequently visited Kościeliska Valley

Includes: A beautifu Kościeliska Valley. The caves and rocks there.

Mode of transport: bus from Kraków, minibus or on foot in Zakopane

1. Get to Zakopane… as early as you can.

2. Take a minibus from the railway station to Kiry, where the trailhead is located. Plan for at least 4 to 5 hours for the hike. Allow additional time if you want to make longer stops or detours to explore some of the attractions along the way, such as the caves!

3. Hike the entire length of the valley up to Hala Ornak, which spans 6 kilometres one way. Don’t forget to download our awesome audioguide for insights into the valley’s highlights!

4. Lunch at the shelter in Hala Ornak.

5. If you feel adventurous, climb to Przełęcz Iwaniacka, and from there, hike down to Dolina Chochołowska. Return from Chochołów.

6. Otherwise, head back to Kiry. Return by minibus to Zakopane.

7. Explore Gubałówka, weather and time permitting.

8. Lunch at Krupówki Street.

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