Best Places to See on Corfu

Anyone who spends their holiday on Corfu associates the island with lush greenery and panoramic views. We agree—it is one of the most beautiful Greek islands. In this article, we present our compilation of the most beautiful places on Corfu, highlighting points on the island (and the surrounding area) that are worth visiting for their landscape, nature, or vibe.

Note: Achillion Palace should be on this list, but it is currently under renovation as of 2023, with the completion date unknown.

For more details, please try our mobile guide to Corfu! It includes a map of the island’s attractions and lots of practical information. You will find extensive information about what to see on Corfu. We cover beaches, natural wonders, and notable places like Mount Pantokrator, the fortress of Angelokastro, and Corfu’s capital, Kerkyra.



So – what are the best places to see on Corfu? We start with…

Cape Drastis

We start with the island’s iconic Cape Drastis. The beautiful cliffs in the northern part of the island are crowned by the white rock formations of the cape. The vertical walls of the coast are relentlessly washed away by the waves of the Mediterranean, creating fanciful shapes, sheer cliffs, and small sea caves. You can’t get to the cape itself—it’s better seen from a distance anyway. However, you can walk down a wide gravel road to the small and very pretty beach of Gravas, enjoying the views along the way.

Getting there: By car to the end of the tarmac road, then on foot towards the cape.

Logas Beach

Although this place is called a ‘beach’, it is far from being a typical beach with sand, sunbeds, and a nice sandy seabed. Instead, it is a small, flat stretch of coastline at the foot of a picturesque cliff, accessible via the remains of a concrete staircase. A few kilometres to the north, the same rocky coastline ends at the cliffs of Cape Drastis.

Here, you can clearly see how the sea erodes the land, washing away pieces of the cliffs, which are tens of metres high. There is a small restaurant on the edge of the cliff. If you are lucky, you can find a table overlooking the sea and enjoy the panorama with a glass of white wine.

Getting there: By car to the area around the cliff and the restaurant.

Porto Timoni and Afionas Village

On the western side of the island is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, and perhaps in Greece. We consider it the best of the best places to see on Corfu! 🙂 Here, a rocky promontory juts into the Mediterranean for almost 2 kilometres, creating an enchanting bay. Just before the point, the promontory narrows abruptly—presumably, in the past, this headland was a separate island. Now, however, you can walk onto it with dry feet. At the narrowest point, there are two small beaches on either side called Porto Timoni. This is definitely one of the most beautiful views and one of the most enchanting beaches on the island, though it remains undeveloped.

The starting point for the walk to the beach is the picturesque village of Afionas, situated about 120-140 metres above the waters of the Ionian Sea and a few dozen minutes’ walk from the beach. It is famous for its stunning views of the islets off the north coast of the island (look for the bar near the highest hill) and the turquoise bay and beach of Agios Georgios to the south. In the centre of the village is the 17th-century Church of St John. Next to it is the characteristic Torpedo Monument dedicated to the sailors who died in the Second World War.

Getting there: By car or bus to the village of Afionas. Continue on foot for 30-40 minutes, descending 140 metres along a rocky path to Porto Timoni. Note: The path is steep and rocky in places, so wear good shoes. And remember that the only way back is the same way.


Paleokastritsa is a small tourist resort with only 240 permanent residents located on the rocky western coast of Corfu Island. It is the perfect place for lovers of beautiful views. Over the last few decades, Paleokastritsa has become one of the most popular destinations on the island and one of the most beautiful viewpoints in all of Greece. This is due to its extremely picturesque rocky coastline, dotted with tiny turquoise coves surrounded by lush green vegetation. We particularly recommend La Grotta, a charming rocky bar!

Getting there:b By car—parking is available in the centre of the village, by the Kofru Aquarium. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Kerkyra. From the centre of the village, it is best to walk to the bay of your choice, as parking in the area can be challenging.

Paxos and Antipaxos

Paxos and Antipaxos are two small islands south of Corfu. The larger of the two, Paxos, covers an area of 25 square kilometres. It is famous for its many small villages, peaceful atmosphere, and extremely picturesque beaches. However, it must be said that these beaches are mostly rocky. The smaller island, Antipaxos, has an area of just 4 square kilometres and is much less developed. Some of the beaches you can visit there, especially the sandy beach of Vrika, are described as the best in Corfu and Greece.

The capital of Paxos is Gaios, which also serves as the main port of the island. Gaios is a small and charming town on the east coast, known for its picturesque harbour, traditional architecture, and relaxed atmosphere. Take a stroll through the narrow streets between the white houses decorated with colourful flowers. Or visit one of the bars, cafes, or restaurants overlooking the charming little harbour.

Getting there: You can reach Paxos by ferry or boat from Corfu’s capital, Kerkyra. Alternatively, you can depart from the small port of Lefkimmi in the south. To reach Antipaxos, take a water taxi from the main port of Paxos, Gaios.

Awesome Corfu Beaches

When talking about best places to see on Corfu, we cannot forget about the beaches. Many of us cannot imagine a holiday in Greece without them. If you want to know where to find the best beaches on Corfu, take a look at our mobile guide to the island! There, you will find detailed descriptions of Corfu’s best beaches. And if you are considering visiting the famous Love Canal, Canal d’Amour… Well, we suggest you seriously think about whether it’s worth your time 🙂

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