Paxos And Antipaxos

A few kilometres south of the island of Corfu lies the small island of Paxos. Right next to it is its smaller ‘sister’, Antipaxos. In fact, it is a whole archipelago of small islands clustered around the two main ones – there are several such islets.


Paxos and Antipaxos are easy and enjoyable destinations to visit from Corfu. In this article we will tell you in brief what you will find interesting on these two islands!


It has an area of about 24 square kilometres, is about six kilometres long and three kilometres wide. The island is quite mountainous and the cliffs drop vertically into the sea in many places. This inaccessible, rocky and cliffy coastline is one of the island’s main attractions. Note: sandy beaches are unlikely to be found here. So if you want to relax on the beach – go to Antipaxos. Or stay in Corfu.


The capital of Paxos is the small town of Gaios. In our opinion it is one of the most charming ports in the Greek islands. The heart of the town is the small harbour, which is located in a rather narrow natural channel that separates the main island from the small islet of Agios Nikolaos. Urban life is concentrated around the quay, but it is also worth taking a stroll through the narrow streets of the town centre.

Loggos and Lakka

In addition to the island’s capital, Gaios, there are two smaller villages, Loggos and Lakka – we recommend the charming Loggos, with its tiny harbour and waterfront pubs. Lakka, on the other hand, offers views of Corfu’s inaccessible southern tip.


Paxos is popular with tourists for its views – especially the picturesque, albeit rocky, beaches and the fantastic rock formations. From inland, the famous Tripitos Arch and Ermitis Beach, as well as the picturesque (albeit rocky) beaches on the east coast, are well worth a visit. And from the sea – a cruise along the west coast, including the famous Blue Caves, is well worth the effort.

Paxos and… Antipaxos!

A few kilometres south of Gaios is the tiny island of Antipaxos. You can easily get there by water taxi from the harbour of Gaios (note: the old one, not the new one). There are only a handful of permanent residents and most tourists come to visit the two beautiful beaches, including this sandy one: Vrika.


How to get there?

Paxos and Antipaxos can only be reached by ferry or boat from Corfu or mainland Greece. You can also take a cruise around the islands. You can read more about this here. And for even more details, check out our mobile guide!

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